10 Amazing Android games released in this week

Today we have brought to you a weekly round up of all the exciting and noteworthy apps which were released in the previous week in the Play Store.


DotaUnderlords is Valve’s version of Auto Chess and has been built from MOBA Dota 2. It is the only beta version released, hence the monetization has not yet been put in place. The long-term availability of this beta version is still unknown so if you are looking to join the multiplayer strategy craze then make sure to install DotaUnderlords immediately.

ROME: Total War-Barbarian Invasion:

Since March 2019 it was known that this game will be coming to the Play Store and finally, the much-anticipated ROME: Total War-Barbarian Invasion has been released this week in June 2019. This game is an excellent expansion of the previous strategy games. Interestingly, it contains all the features of the PC version and is flawlessly optimized to be used on mobile. Unfortunately, mod support is absent in ROME Total War-Barbarian Invasion.


Cursivity, on the face of it, looks like a simple puzzle game which involves the movement of blocks, but in Cursivity’s gameplay, players are required to program the block movement to reach the desired place. Players have to choose the most suitable tiles from the move assortments given at the bottom of the game display. The game becomes more challenging as you move on to the higher levels.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite:

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the latest location-based, augmented reality game from Niantic. US users were granted access to the game a day earlier than other users around the world. However, now as we write this article, at least UK users have been granted access to the game.

The theme in this version is totally different from that of Pokemon Go, but the gameplay is the same for both titles. Just like in Pokemon Go, players will have to chase down the cursed items which infect the Muggle areas.

Layton: Diabolical Box in HD:

This is the remake of the second game in the Layton Trilogy. Similar to the first version, players will have to chase and hunt the clues by solving puzzles and interacting with the townspeople. The challenging puzzles and the thrilling murder mysteries of the Layton: Diabolical Box in HD, when coupled with the awesome game graphics, produce the best ever version of this game released so far.

Bring You Home:

Alike Studio, who released Love You to Bits on the Play Store has now come up with a new game called Bring You Home. Bring You Home does not give you direct control of the character in this puzzle adventure, rather players must control the world in order to advance through the game. Every level has a different set of slides to form a stage and the player must choose the most suitable tiles to pave the way for the main character of the game.

Alchemy War: Pioneer:

Alchemy War: Pioneer is a game with real-time strategy, despite the fact that it has MOBA, tower and rogue-like defense mechanisms. This game provides an exciting mix up of divergent genres optimized for free mobile usage. Alchemy War: Pioneer contains 6 races, 43 dungeons and a number of magical skills to master.

Stickman Dash Runner:

Stickman Dash Runner does not bear much resemblance to simple car racing games although you have to swipe the screen in order to change the lanes for your car. In this game, everything moves at an incredible speed and players must bring their twitch-reflexes to be successful in this version. If you are fed up with the old type of casual gameplay common to other car runner games, you may find the Stickman Dash Runner appealing due to its refreshing and challenging gameplay.

Survive the Bridge:

In Survive the Bridge, you will spend most of your time driving your car on the bridges that are going to fall apart. One of the main draws to this game is it’s an amusing and entertaining trailer. The developers of Survive the Bridge have to be appreciated for giving a humorous and exciting touch to the game trailer.

Faraway: Tropic Escape:

Released in the previous week, Faraway: Tropic Escape is the latest title of the Faraway escape-room series. In this game, you will have to explore the tropical island and solve the puzzles to gather some clues about your daughter. You have to stop the disastrous events set in motion by your daughter.