5 Amazing Puzzle Games That Are Addictive & Fun

Puzzle games have always been on the boom in the mobile gaming industry. They make for an ideal time-killing situation, relaxing the brain and training it, simultaneously. With the touchscreen controls, the situation turns out to be perfect in manipulating the puzzle elements, sorting them while sharpening the mental abilities as they get more and more challenging with time.

Reasons for their popularity also include that they cater both, children and adults, due to their challenging nature. As the challenge goes global, for players share it with their friends and family who further spread it around, a neck and neck competition begins. They become quite an addiction, kind of like strategy or arcade games, which anyone can enjoy anywhere anytime.

There are so many genres within the puzzle games that exist as a subset, each having their own unique criteria. Candy Crush Saga is a part of the same but then everybody knows about it already so it isn’t included. However, it surely has made relevant grounds for small-screen puzzling and everybody around the world were addicted to it, or probably still are. Apart from that, there are abstract puzzle games, physics puzzles, murder mysteries and others that are trending like anything. Find out the 5 best brain puzzle games that are captivating and intriguingly fun.

5 Amazing Puzzle Games
5 Amazing Puzzle Games

5 Amazing Puzzle Games

• Threes

Threes! is a match-two puzzle game that is quite a delightful addition to the category. The challenging game falls into the category of number puzzle games as well because of the concept of this game.
There is a 4×4 grid of numbered tiles in the beginning where the player has to slide around 1s and 2s to match them to the 3s and combine the matching numbers together. Sliding 1 tile in a particular direction will, however, make other tiles move as well. Watch out as it may seem simple in the beginning but gets challenging with time. It is all about short-term matching that needs to be congruent with the long-term planning.
With the new tiles coming in every turn, you will have to adjust which calls for the real challenge. This is not the only game with such an enticing concept, there are others that are built upon the same formula but this turns out to be the one that paved way for others.

• Where’s my water?

An exciting award-winning game by Disney, Where’s My Water? is a challenging physics-based puzzle game. The mechanics involved are life-like causing the popularity of this game to spread like wild-fire.
All you have to do is cut through dirt in order to get the fresh water to reach Swampy the Alligator, the character in the game. He seems to be quite a different kind of alligator and is looking forward to a shower which you need to help him get as the pipes seemed to be troubling. Remember, each and every drop counts so you have to get all the water to reach Swampy. There’s a lot of physics and brain power involved so if you haven’t played this game before then prepare your brain to take attempts in the increasingly challenging scenarios to test your basic physics.

· Framed

Noodlecake Studios Inc. has really nailed it with this game. Framed has won over 25 awards and is an outstanding addition to the world of noir-puzzle game. Styled in a manner of animated comic book, the game is simply elegant.
The multi-award winning game is all about creativity as you re-arrange the panels of the comic book in the effort of changing the story outcome to whatever you want. The idea is fresh, concept of classic crime mechanics is outstanding with a beautiful art incorporated. Rich animation of the game makes for a contemporary design that is both alluring and brand new.
Framed looks more like work of some crime movie director who has put a lot of effort in the story as well as its presentation – A marvelous addition to the world of puzzle games that sparks creativity.

• Tap20

You think your brain works fast enough? Cactac Studios is calling all those challengers who think they are quick and can make decisions promptly. Yes, this game really is all about focus and quick decision making skills so anyone who is looking forward to sharpening these skills, Tap20 is a recommendation for you all.
The game is extremely addicting with a basic number tapping game concept. Tap the jumbled numbers in the screen within the given time. There is no room for any mistakes so you need to get it all right in one go. Sounds easy? Well, as you go up the levels, the time continues to reduce, giving your brain a mental workout that it really needs. Share the score with your friends and see if they can beat you.
The game is truly smashing and is addicting for with taunting each time you tap the wrong number will not let you live without this game! A simple yet addictive addition to the genre of learning puzzle games, Tap20 is a test of your reflexes resulting in mental alertness and concentration.

· Dots

Dots – A Game About Connecting. The name says it all, it is a connect-the-dots style game which is super fun. With lots of colors and customizable themes, this puzzle game is inviting and captivating, allowing for greater focus with a beautiful design.
Trace the lines through colored dots in order to make them disappear. You can also end up tracing a box for a bigger power-up if you are focused enough. Looking for a more challenging puzzle game? With different modes like timed, endless or move-limited, you can make it more interestingly challenging. You think you did well? Pass it to a friend and conduct one on one battle to see whose better at this.
Make high scores and share away to your friends. The background music is quite soothing so put on the headphones, turn up the volume and play Dots to test your mental acuity.

Puzzle games should rather be called learning puzzle games as they are subtly feeding our brains and giving those mental muscles a workout that they desire to stay stronger for longer. Spend more time with learning puzzle games and become sharper as you tweak your brains for solutions with these exciting brain games.

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