9 amazing Android apps which we saw in the last two weeks

9 amazing Android apps which we saw in the last two weeks

We have come up with a detailed round-up of few exciting Android apps that were live in the Play Store in the last two weeks. So, here is the brief description of the notable apps we were impressed by:

Marvel Hero Tales:

Marvel Hero Tales is an amazing app we found on the Play Store which is designed to help small kids to experience storytelling. It tells them how to read stories effectively. Every story is presented in a comic book style which sparks the kids’ interest in reading. Children can play through the exciting Spiderman and Ms. Marvel stories. The app contains mini-games in which the children have to select a word that completes a sentence and then they are asked to guess the meaning of those words by joining them with their synonyms. You need to pay a minimal subscription fee of $1.99 to play the first story for Ms. Marvel.

Shade Launcher:

Amir Zaidi, the architect of the app Rootless Launcher, has released Shade Launcher on Play Store. This launcher is different from the Rootless Launcher as the developers have tried to give users what a ‘home screen should be’. Hence, Shade Launcher offers a number of customisation options for setting up themes, widgets to display relevant notifications and many other exciting features.

Study from Facebook:

Study from Facebook is currently available for users who have registered in the Facebook Study program to carry out the market research. You must be invited to the study program to be able to use this app. So, unless you are a registered participants of the Facebook study program, you may ignore this app.

Scrypted Home Automation:

Scrypted Home Automation has been recently released by ClockwordMod. This app makes home automation convenient by permitting the creation of your home hub from any Android device. This app can be integrated with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing everything to be automated by creating events and by setting the schedules. This means that even the most routine tasks could be performed after creating the scripted events.


DoodleLens bring your drawings to life through the use of augmented reality. The app can even help you get your drawings inserted into real life surroundings. DoodleLense is quite simple to use. After creating a drawing, all you need to do is simply paste it into the camera function of DoodleLens which allows you to easily insert the photo into your surroundings. You can also take a screenshot of the completed picture.

Hand in Hand:

Hand in Hand is something in between an app and a game. Through augmented reality, this app gives the user the full experience of both automation and employment. It takes the user to a future where a man has been made unemployed due to advances in Artificial Intelligence. However, due to limitations in AI, it is unable to perform its tasks accurately. It’s the job of the player or user to interact with the AI system to teach it human emotions to ensure more accuracy in its work. So, if you often dream about the future of information technology, the Hand in Hand app is made for you.


Mubert is an electronic music app which customizes music selections for each user through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Every stream is generated randomly from loops and samples chosen by the algorithm to present the favourite genre of the user in the best possible way. Mubert can even adjust the music to suit whatever task you are performing.

Yahoo Finance:

Yahoo Finance provides free live coverage of the market, especially for Android TV users. It offers the latest financial news without any subscription. Yahoo Finance also offers on-demand content which can be streamed at any time.

Fluent Forever:

The Fluent Forever app is designed to help people to learn new languages. It offers instruction in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. This app teaches the proper pronunciation of each word and avoids the gamification of the leaning process like most other language apps. This app ensures that the pronunciation taught is memorized by the user.