Easy Way to Use Kik Online

Kik Login Online: Not every instant messaging application enjoys a glorious fate as the KIK does. Reckoned to be the most fabulous smartphone constituent released in the last decade, it has successfully provided the requisite dose of thrill and exhilaration to the audience with its ultimate configuration and superior styling. Needless to say, the app has been locking horns with rivals like WhatsApp, BBM, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. KIK is also available for pc, read our post to download kik messenger on pc. Despite such a tough competition, there has not been a moment when we have seen it crouching down even to a little extent.

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Kik log in online without download is totally possible, and that’s exactly what we will be covering in this piece today. Now there are numerous reasons why you might want to access Kik messenger on your PC. So we have listed few of them which would surely catch your attention towards KiK online.

  • First of all, definitely typing on your touch screen cell phone sucks. Lot’s of Errors.
  • Secondly, the hands start aching if you’re a big messaging geek and are on the cell 24X7.
  • While on the other hand you get a big keyboard on your desktop, thus making it extremely easy for you to type.
  • And of course, typing even for longer times doesn’t ache your hands.
  • And not to mention the 10X larger screen you’ll be getting.
  • The battery backup of almost “every” Cell Phone out there sucks, so that’s another problem eliminated with this Kik messenger online login strategy.

So yup, enough said, right?  Now that’s where you’ll be needing this Kik online free thing we are talking about. It’ll let you be connected to your loved once even on your computers, without even downloading Kik.

Kik Login Online: No Download Guide (100% Working)

Features At a Glance

  • A cross-platform instant messaging app
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
  • Fully functional on Wi-Fi or data recharge on smartphones
  • User count surpassing a jaw-dropping 120 million mark
  • Available from KIK Interactive
  • Accessible for free of cost

Why Would I Go Through So Much Trouble for KiK Online Login:-

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A legit question, of course. I mean why not just use any other app that’s available on computers by default, right? Instead of finding a way around using Kik online without downloading.

What makes Kik special? What makes it worth all the trouble? (Well this “trouble” is nothing more than couple clicks, and the patience of some seconds!)

  • So, well the best thing about Kik is its anonymity. That’s what’s taken it to the position it is today, it doesn’t use your Cellphone number or any other “personal” data to create your account.
  • Neither are the details verified by the Kik team. You get to choose a Username, that can be just about anything. There’s no verification of the cellphone number, your real name or anything else.
  • So that’s what makes it easy for you to hide your identity. Take up a different persona and talk to just about any person in the world without revealing your identity.

According to a 2015 Study, 76% (approx.) of Kik users are US Teens. So well, we teens have an edge for talking to people we don’t know. But at the same time we can’t go about announcing “Hey I’m Mr. X and I’ve a crush on you” or something like that, right?

Additionally, as far as girls are concerned, they don’t have to reveal their real names which is a big privilege for them. I don’t really get it, but girls have this thing about being private and secret.

So well bottom line? Kik lets you hide your identity, that too without verification, and that’s why you need to focus and spend your next couple minutes trying to kik messenger online sign up.

KIK Online Login Using Manymo

There is no shortage of such people as are doubtful about downloading new software on their device for the fear of virus intrusion, or spyware/malware attack. Considering the other side, there are plenty of those who wish to access their account at a relative’s place, or a public computer without installing any piece of  software. Under both circumstances, there is no better resort than the online emulation.


Online emulation is a process where a virtual platform is established in order to make any device behave as if it is an Android one. To keep it lucid, you, by using an emulator, smartly configure your device and program it to act like an Android device. By employing this workaround, your objective of running an app seamlessly on your device gets accomplished. KIK login can also run this way, irrespective of the device you possess, and Manymo, an online emulator, is an ideal choice in this regard. The best part is that Manymo is available free of cost. You just need to get yourself registered with the emulator through a username.

The Procedure is Here….

1- To begin with, go to Google Play, and download and save the apk file of KIK online messenger in your system. Proceeding further, download and install the emulator ‘Manymo’ from its official website. As soon as the installation ends, sign up for free to create your personal Manymo account

2- After filling in all the necessary details, you will be hot to trot for uploading KIK into the Manymo. Following this, select the emulator of your preference.

3- Once you decide the emulator, launch the app by clicking the ‘Launch with: App’ button, and search the apk file you have saved earlier on your device.


4- Start uploading the KIK messenger. A green icon, the company’s trademark will soon emerge on the screen, confirming the availability of the app for use.

5- Login to the messenger by using a username and password, sync all the conversations from iPhone or Android phone, and get connected with the world instantly.


There are many users who have ranted about their discomfort of using KIK on their respective devices. No wonder, it has been the biggest conundrum for many of us. Through this article, we have answered a question long overdue about logging into Kik Online without downloading it on PC. Though every time while using a PC, the idea of uploading KIK may nag you tremendously, the app is worthy of your time and effort. Further, the availability of a quality emulator like Manymo has made the process of using Kik login Online a cakewalk.

frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Kik Online

Question 1 : What does the d mean on kik ? 

Ans : There are 3 indications shown by kik when you send a message. first one is “s” it means the message is been sent to Kik server. And the second one is “d” which means the message is been delivered to your friend And the third indication is “r” whic indicates that your friend has read the message you send.

Question 2 : How do you log out of kik messenger?

Ans : logging out kik is not very difficult task. To sign out from kik messenger, just go to settings>Account and there click on “reset” account option, which you sign out your account, and now you should enter your login details again to enter into kik.

Question 3 : How do i know if someone blocked me on Kik ?

Ans : You won’t know exactly, But still you can guess it if all your messages to your friend is been marked as delivered but never changes to read.

Question 4 : How to change your username on Kik ?

Ans : You won’t be able to change your Kik username, But you can change your display name if you want. To go it, Go to Settings>Your account and thee you will see your name. Click on your name and then you will be asked for the name to which you want to change, enter the details there to change your display name.

We are pretty sure this piece should’ve helped you with your queries regarding how to use Kik on PC without downloading, right? If you still got queries, ask us! (or just try Google!)