Facebook New App “Moments” has finally rolled out in Canada and Europe

After the ten months of launch in the USA of the new Facebook app “Moments”, Facebook has now made it available in Canada and Europe, completing its launch globally.

“Moments” is developed to share photos of the specific person in your photo gallery utilizing facial recognition technology. After capturing pictures at a friend’s party, for instance, you can sort out all photos you captured of friends and even forward them out as a bundle.
The delay in international launch is due to its facial recognition technology. Facebook had to develop the app to obey to the privacy laws made by EU and Canada.

Paradoxically this app has been dumped down, instead of its facial recognition technology, it now uses a sort of object recognition.

In practice, instead of automatically tagging photos, it can now only recommend collections of photos that will possibly mention the similar person. The version launched in Europe and Canada will ask users “Who’s this?” before trying to search identical faces.

Facebook Moments App Launched in EU and Canada
Facebook Moments App Launched in EU and Canada

This app is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.