How to Delete a Snapchat Story

Snapchat is a world famous social networking platform to communicate with friends and family using pictures. The creator of Snapchat was Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. These three legends brought snapchat into existence when they were students at Stanford University. Like all other big platforms like Google and Facebook, Snapchat was also started as a like a project for one of Spiegel’s classes at Stanford by Brown and Spiegel.

We all are aware of the only effective way of Snapchat, to create a post to the Snapchat story is to capture video or picture using the snapchat camera. Although, Snapchat stories is an excellent way to share your life moments with your loving friends and family members via series of videos and photos. But in our lives, we’ve all been at a point where we immediately regret doing something. In our mind, it plays out being funny or just really cool, or we don’t think a bit about it beforehand at all and then it plays out with us looking silly, horrible, or both at the same time. It doesn’t seem funny and one that you’d like to remedy as quickly as possible.

That’s why Google introduced “Undo” button in Gmail, but if you are like me, then you would like to have that “undo” button placed at every moment of your life.

We all posts images and other stuff on our social media profiles and after a span of time we find it awkward or silly and regret doing that. In that situation, we all desire to delete our embarrassing pictures.

So, Have you ever tried to search the internet for your question “How to delete a snapchat story?” and end up your search after scrolling endless web pages? If your answer is yes, then you are at right place to get the answer for your all questions related to “How to delete a snapchat story.

What is a Snapchat story?

If you are new Snapchat user and don’t know what snapchat Story is, So, here is a quick rundown of what it is.

How to delete a snapchat story

A Snapchat story is an image or video you post to your very own feed section of your account, media which is visible for all your friends. From right-hand side swipe to left on any tab in the Snapchat application until you see a tab labeled “Stories.” And your friends’ Snapchat stories will appear under “Recent Updates.”

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

So, How to delete a snapchat is a big question for all those who aren’t aware of it. But to delete a snapchat story you will first need to story posted on your feed section that you would like to delete. Once you find the story, which you want to delete, you will have the option to delete the desired story which you no longer want on your feed section. A snapchat user is only able to delete their one story segment at one time. If you have ten segments long story then, you have to repeat the whole process ten times.

There are two methods to delete snapchat story. Both of these methods are very easy, if you follow these step by step, you don’t need any special knowledge of coding techniques.

How to Delete Snapchat Story Method #1

To begin a snapchat story first of all you’ll need to open the snapchat application in your device. I can be easily done by tapping on the yellow icon on your smartphone’s home screen.

Steps to Delete a Snapchat Story 

  1. Open Snapchat by tapping on the snapchat icon on your home screen.
  2. Go to “My friends” screen on the snapchat app.
  3. Select your name at the top of the list.
  4. Select the section of snapchat stories you wish to delete.
  5. Now tap on the gear icon of the selected Snapchat Story section you wish to delete.
  6. After following the above five steps, When the list of choices is revealed, just give a tap on the ‘Delete’ button.

Note: If you want to delete all the snaps in the story then you may repeat all these steps again.

There is no option or way how to clear snapchat feedhow to clear snapchat feed that someone has already seen. (Except doing time travel to stop yourself to send those image. 😛

How to Delete a Snapchat Story Method #2

This method is very effective if you want to delete your all the snaps from snapchat history. It is also effective if you want to delete the entire database of images from your snapchat account. This method involves deleting your snapchat account to prevent others from viewing the pictures which you sent them earlier. So, there won’t be even a slight trace of what you have sent to your contacts.

Steps to Delete a snapchat Story by Deleting Snapchat account

  1. Access your snapchat account via internet enabled computer or smartphones.
  2. Open the official support page of the snapchat website in a window of your browser.
  3. Now navigate to the account deletion page from the navigation options available at the top left side of the screen of your computer or smartphone.
  4. Now tap on “Learning the Basics”, then “Account Settings”, and finally “Delete an account.”
  5. Now, the account deletion page will ask for your username and password associated with the account you want to delete. Fill the username and password in the correspondence text boxes.
  6. Now, you will see a screen where you will see a large teal button just below your snapchat username and password boxes. Click on that teal button and your account will be deleted from snapchat database.

Note: Deleting snapchat account is irreversible action. Once you have deleted your account from snapchat database, you’ll have to make a fresh account to use snapchat again.

As we mentioned earlier, this method involves deleting your snapchat account to prevent other contact persons to view your snaps which you sent them. Unfortunately, if any person already seen the snaps which you sent them, then there is no option to undoing this. So, ideally these steps  to delete snapchat should be followed as soon as possible after sending the offending images.

How to Delete a Snapchat story by Accessing Past Pictures Method #3

As the many other informative sources of internet has managed in making us believed that all the private photos that were sent via snapchat remains in snapchat system forever and cannot be wiped out in any way. If privacy is your biggest concern, then there is still a method to do this.

Steps to Delete Past snapchats via using App Store or Clearing Cache.

Access your smartphone’s App store. For instance, the Google play Store, Microsoft’s Windows App Store or Apple’s App Store, etc.

Search for any cache clearing application in store. There are variety of free and paid cache cleaning applications are available to clear the cache of their devices. These cache clearing applications helps users to mop up the internal memory and start afresh.

These days most of the cache clearing application are available with attractive system UI. This empower the user to clear the entire device’s cache or delete junk files of one or more selected application.

If the privacy is your real concern, then you would want to specifically target the Snapchat app for junk file deletion.

Note: By clearing the cache of your entire device you will unknowingly give a minor boost in performance of your handset.

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