Make your own video with professional touch- learn how!

Videos are going more viral than any other medium over social networking sites as audience gets that visualize affect that arrest their senses well. They could actually see the emotion rather than taking the pain to visualize which most of them seldom avoid. Today the five inch screen has become inseparable part of everyone life and has substituted several things including alarm clock, camera, calendar, direction guide, note pad, telephone book etc. Today everyone likes to take clicks or to make videos whenever they want but they lack that professional touch in their art. Almost every smartphone gadget is full of 50-60 videos which are made by the user but only 2-3 is circulated that too in the closed group due to that unprofessional appearance.

Do the users still need to remain the victim of similar instances forever?

The answer is a simple, NO! There are many apps available now in the online world that could help you to do this in the most efficient way. Clip&Go is one such app where you are not required to pay any special amount in order to claim these services for your smartphone. It is often said that free things doesn’t comes with benefits but here this verdict could be questioned as this free service is so outstanding that you will give it a try after reading about it.

Remember the New York trip that you had last month and you made several videos to boost among your friends but sadly few clicks ruins the whole fun. Here you can edit the whole video and could even arrange the sequence as per your desire.

Light is another issues in these videos as the videos which are taken during late nights often comes with dark backgrounds and you may miss that funniest emotions on the face of your best friend who was so drunk on that day that he was literally abusing his boss with the unexpected words. Want to live these moments with the clarity in video then install Clip&Go for Android immediately.

It serves you in multiple ways, like:

MusicSmartphones have earned the initial popularity due to the option of music storage and radio. With Clip&Go you can add magic to the videos you have made. Remember the tough time when you have paid huge amount to the professionals to add your favorite song as a background during any function or last Valentine’s Day; here you can select the song from your phone or SD card and can play that in the background. Rightly you can say you will be playing your movie where the background music will be that song which you always wanted to dedicated the situation in which you have shot that video or to the person on which you have shoot that video.

Video– you will be in a position to create movies that will be outstanding through this app. This free app of video editing helps you in the creation of the video of your dream through your 5 inch gadget. You are required to shoot the footage that you want in the video and then edit or cut the part which is not needed by you. Add the music which suits that plot and finally your video is ready. Downloading this app is a very simple task. You are required to visit Google Play from your five inch smartphone and click on the button to download and then install it.

Several other features like combining videos, saving videos after editing, adding music, trimming video, combining many videos just like images together etc are also available with this app. The biggest feature above all is that it comes for free.

There are certain steps that you need to follow for making or adding videos through Android Movie maker app of Clip&Go. They are:

  • While adding videos to the movie maker first you are required to select the clips that you want to insert in the movies. After this you can order it to be arranged in the way you desire.
  • Adding music- from your Android phone select a song to add in the video. There is another option of adding tracks or you can build tracks too.
  • Editing video of your movie- in case if there are certain sections in the video that you are not willing to keep inside the video then you can easily cut it. Then copy this video track.
  • Finally saving the outcome- check the aspect ratio in which you want to see your final video. Then save your movie over the tablet or over your smartphone. Explore social networking sites with the finest video.

Simply the verdict could be that that editing video is a very simple task if you have an android phone. Now do not think any more if you are wondering which platform is the right one to build the video of your dreams. Nothing else but Click & Go could give you the right stoppage for all these services. This is the only software that could fulfill your entire video making requirement. Some of you may feel that the features they are offering is less but in reality all the features that are designed in it are designed with efficiency. They are sure to come up with many features in the upcoming future and for now you can be relieved that these features are the best ones on which you can really count upon.

Creativity will no more be bounded with any limit any more and for sure YouTube is going to be flooded with several videos that will be designed by you. Start exploring today and start shooting today as you can edit, merge and match as many videos as you want. Remember those comparison videos of now and then, it will be just a matter of few clicks! Now don’t control your imagination and creativity when you have the best software to live it! Now live your imagination, view your imagination with Clip&Go!

Rahis Saifi always remains passionate towards innovation and his love for gadgets has been exhibited in his writing. His knack to learn more and more had turned him too passionate towards learning. His learning attitude had shaped him as a perfect writer, He writes about technology, gadgets, blogging, smartphone tips and tricks and software reviews.

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