Xiaomi CEO announced the “Colorful and Creative” series

It is expected that the new collaborated product of Meitu and Xiaomi is going to be named the Xiaomi CC9, while the lighter one would be named Xiaomi CC9e following Xiaomi’s acquisition of Meitu in November 2018.

The smartphone manufacturing company made the announcement in accordance with its promise, but the announcement fell short of mentioning actual mobile devices.

The CC series was announced by Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, who elaborated on the term “CC”. According to Jun, CC is the abbreviated form of “Creative and Colorful” developed by Chic and Cool 90 team.

“Therefore, Xiaomi CC’s product team is a group of Chic & Cool 90, as the youngest product team inside Xiaomi, ” Lei Jun stated in a post on Weibo today.

However, the Weibo post neglected to announce release date for CC9 leaving people to speculate on Xiaomi’s next move. In the meantime, it is expected that the company is going to unveil a colorful smartphone studded with fascinating beauty features today.

The CEO wrote that the motto of Xiaomi is to manufacture smartphones which make their users feel comfortable and cool.

“At the time, using the Internet model to make mobile phones, we had only one simple idea: to make a smartphone that you like and feel cool,” the post by Xiaomi CEO read.

According to Lei, the innovation of Xiaomi has been aided by the imagination of Redmi following the merger of Redmi with Xiaomi in early 2019. This merger has helped to launch more targeted products like Xiaomi CC9 which are geared towards a  young generation.

“The independence of the Redmi brand has given the Xiaomi mobile phone more imagination. On the one hand, it is high-flying in the way of exploring innovative technology and pursuing the ultimate experience.

On the other hand, it can also focus on segmenting the market to make more targeted products. So today, Xiaomi CC is coming. This will be the trend of mobile phones belonging to young people around the world,” the Xiaomi CEO stated. 

The Xiaomi CC series has been designed by the young art students for the young people who are eager to define themselves. Lei Jun wrote in his post:

“The young fashion look defined by art students 
wants to make a mobile phone that young people like, they need to define themselves”.

The CEO went on to write that unlike the former millet product team, the Chic and Cool team mostly comprises of the art students which will increase the aesthetics of the CC product.

“Different from the previous millet product team, the CC product team has more than half of the art and fine arts professionals. They design their favorite products with the pursuit and aesthetics of art students,” the Weibo post by Lei Jun read.

Lei was of the view that smartphones should follow the latest color trends and manufacturers must use the best appearance techniques in designing the phones. He emphasized that CC series is colorful as well as creative.

“Not only Colorful but also Creative. The trend of mobile phones should be able to follow the popular color trends of the year, and use the best appearance technology to achieve designs that others can’t think of,” Jun stated in his post.

As per the CEO, Xiaomi CC9 is based on the aesthetic concept of “Xiaomi x Meitu AI Aesthetics Lab” which is the combination of camera hardware and beauty technology. Its “double C-bit” photo experience will be the best solution for young people.

“Therefore, Xiaomi CC is to be a flagship for young people. Regardless of the rear or front-facing self-timer, the hardware of Xiaomi CC will be the best solution, and the new aesthetic concept of “Xiaomi x Meitu AI Aesthetics Lab” will be introduced, combining advanced camera hardware and beauty technology. Create a “double C-bit” photo experience for Camera,” CEO stated in his post.

After the Redmi and Mi, the CC series is going to be the third brand of the company. The number ‘9’ in the CC9 moniker represents the 9 years for which Xiomi has been in existence. In a similar move, Xiaomi introduced the Mi 8 flagship in 2018 to celebrate its 8th birthday.

The CC9 is going to feature an AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint reader, as per the XDA Developers report. It is going to have a 48MP flip camera with ultrawide and telephoto modules.